Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football Live Stream: Picking Saints-Vikings, Chargers-Broncos in Week 1 NFL 2017, How To Watch, Live-Stream ‘Monday Night Football’.

Monday Night Football Live

Monday Night Football

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The Bills, Jaguars and Rams all stand alone as division leaders, so Week 1 already has been a little wacky. What does the Monday night doubleheader have in store to close the festivities? The annual back-to-back is, from this vantage point, among the better ideas the league (and ESPN) have come up with in recent memory. I’d take a few more two-game Monday nights over the steady march of ugly one-game Thursdays, but the limited number of West Coast teams—and the money involved with those Thursday nighters—prevents any real shift.

The first week of the 2017 NFL season has been a little underwhelming thus far. It was fun to watch the Chiefs upset the Patriots on Thursday night, but Sunday didn’t deliver many memorable games. The Jets and Giants looked terrible. The Falcons and Steelers squeaked out wins against inferior opponents. The Ravens, Jaguars and Panthers turned in impressive wins. The Colts put in a solid early-season bid for Worst Team in the League, getting drubbed by the formerly lowly Rams, 46-9. Ouch.

he Chargers finished last in the AFC West last season, but that doesn’t mean the Broncos are taking them lightly. Former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Von Miller called this year’s team the toughest one he’s ever faced. The two teams square off on Monday Night Football, which kicks off at 10:20 p.m. ET on ESPN

The Chargers might have moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, but they still get to face the Denver Broncos twice each season. The first meeting comes in the second half of the Monday Night Football double-header. The line is Broncos -3, meaning Vegas thinks Denver will win by three points, down a point from an open of four. The Over-Under, or total projected points, is 42, down two points from where it opened.